About Us

Founded in 2007, Rood Investments is a privately held asset management/real estate investment company in Vancouver, Washington. The company initially invested in senior housing properties. Rood Investments was able to eventually assemble a senior housing portfolio of 13 properties—containing 1,760 units—throughout Washington, Oregon and California.

From mid-2014 through Q1 2015, RI diversified their real estate holdings by selling a nine-property senior housing portfolio—containing 744 units—to a large, national Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Simultaneously with the sale, the Roods acquired 11 properties: three industrial properties—totaling 711,061 sqft; four medical use properties—totaling 117,069 sqft; and four retail properties—totaling 75,077 sqft. They also made numerous strategic equity investments in multi-family and anchored retail development projects.

Today, Rood Investments oversees the management of a well-diversified 25-property portfolio of senior housing, retail, industrial, medical and multi-family holdings. Located throughout nine states, these properties are valued in excess of $640 million.