Our Philanthropy

The Roods started charitable giving about 10 years ago, and they currently maintain Rood Investments to fund these donations. They focus on supporting non-profits that need their help to survive, and they do not back entities that without their help, may get federal or government assistance.

Specifically, the Roods have given to:

  • Randy Rood Memorial Scholarship, in nearly $800,000 over 10 years to aid low-income kids in The Dalles. Whether the students are pursuing cosmetology or medicine, they can study whatever they want, without limitations by Rood.
  • Boys & Girls Club of Clark County, and other Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.
  • Cancer research; specifically, to the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) research center.
  • Legacy Health mental health care; specifically, to the development of a new hospital in Portland, Oregon, that specializes in treating mental health patients, taken to the ER from the streets or their homes.